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keurig_brewer_free_3_day_trialWhat better way to gauge how well your employees might enjoy Kuerig gourmet coffee than to have them try it for themselves! On us!

We’ll handle all aspects of providing the brewer, a variety of k-cup selections, and coffee supplies — all at no cost to your company. Then you be the judge — as to whether or not now may be the time to bring Kuerig’s premier coffee-brewing system to your workplace.

Just call   us at (585) 426-3010, or email us at info@sirnesscoffee.com

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We are asking for your help to minimize the risk to our and your staff with the spread of COVID-19.
We are asking all of our customers to please check your inventory and place orders with us at this time. If you need any information such as products ordered, average usage, etc. please don’t hesitate to call me.  We will resume business as usual as soon as possible.
You can place orders any one of the following ways:
Call 585-426-3010
Email orders@sirnesscoffee.com
Fax 585-426-1368
Online www.sirnesscoffee.com you will need to setup an account, if you need your account number please give us a call.

We are asking all customers to please check your inventory and place orders with us. We are still open at this time and delivering as usual.**
We do appreciate your cooperation!