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arrow_sub5Looking to reduce your Coffee Costs? We’d be happy to analyze your current coffee service activity and recommend possible ways you could reduce costs. We’re all looking for ways to cut where we can, so feel free to ask for our thoughts on where costs may be reduced — without significant reductions in overall service quality. Just give us a call at (585) 426-3010 or email us at info@sirnesscoffee.com.

arrow_sub5 K-Cup Dispenser Eliminates “Shrinkage” — If K-Cup K-Cup-Coffee-Vendor-200shrinkage is a concern, dispensing equipment is available. Employee cash cards can also be used to purchase the K-Cups (as well as sodas and snacks), thus requiring no cash or coins to make the purchase!

Because of the costs involved, however, some fees may be involved unless minimum K-Cup product volumes are met. Call (585) 426-3010 for details on this exciting and revolutionary equipment.


To all of our customers... Thank you! We appreciate your business!